About AFMF 2024

The Asia Financial Markets Forum (AFMF) is organised by the Financial Markets Association of Singapore (FMAS) and is especially relevant to the treasury and markets professionals in banks, financial institutions and hedge funds who face a major challenge on how to stay ahead of the game.

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The headwinds created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the use of artificial intelligence has further accelerated the transition towards a more digital customer base and workforce, leading to a world where growth prospects are highly challenged.

Whilst the market volatility seen in recent years has generally caused much realignment and transformation of the financial markets business, there is an open question about how to align the cost base with revenue drivers for the next phase. The uncertainty in Europe cause by recent elections and possibly from the US elections in November, has greatly increase volatility across all markets.

Leadership within our industry, more than ever before, needs to carefully navigate their way through this challenging period by making important, strategic & investment decisions in regard to steering their businesses, their employees and their future.

The Asia Financial Markets Forum’s key agenda is to bring new insights and to share knowledge through the engagement of highly esteemed speakers, and to bring value to our leaders of today and nurture the leaders of tomorrow. The topics will showcase the current opportunities and challenges within the industry and will deliver content that is thoughtful and unique.

This forum event would provide an opportunity for Financial Markets practitioners to come together and to bring them closer to the market leaders and decision-makers within the industry.

Participants attending this forum will be key professionals in the treasury and capital markets ecosystem including banks, regulators, buy side professionals, C-suite leaders and important intermediaries such as vendors, brokers and platform providers.